MY GOD look at her, with the way she looks how could i not want to play Lucina??

Man i like making gifs but i have no clue what to gif, i see a lot bad gifs people make (no offense to people) but i have no clue where they get the clips from, i can’t either find it in HD or i just can’t find it. Blah boredom wish there were more events showing new trailers for games or something.

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When the Starters are like their final evolutions, they evolve but stay small and cute.
Chibi Starters by Rosaako

First time going to Life In Color anything i should know xD?

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Crazy to think Nintendo treats these characters better then there own companies.
(I take no credit for the picture, not really sure who made it.)

Welp didn’t know Tumblr accepts 2mb gifs now, shows how behind i am :(

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